ISV License Generator v0.3 with SHA-2 support

ISV License Generator v0.3 with SHA-2 support 1

Some time ago I published the first version of ISV License Generator to help us generate a license for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ISV solution, using a CSP cryptographic USB token instead of a software certificate.

ISV License Generator
ISV License Generator

With the new ISV License Generator version 0.2 I’ve implemented support for SHA-2/SHA-256 while keeping support for SHA-1 until it’s deprecated.

You can download ISV License Generator v0.2 (read below for version 0.3!) and contribute or check the code in Github.

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Priority-based throttling for Dynamics 365 integrations

Priority-based throttling for Dynamics 365 integrations 2

We’re finally getting a throttling functionality for OData integrations!

It’s one of the most common requirements from a customer: the need to integrate Dynamics 365 with other systems. With the (back in the day) new AX7 we got a new way of integrating using the OData REST endpoint and the exposed Data Entities.

But integrations using the OData endpoints have low performance and for high-volume integrations it’s better to use the Data management package REST API. A (not so) high volume usage of the OData REST API will translate into performance issues.

The throttling functionality is in preview starting version 10.0.13 which is currently in PEAP. It will be enforced starting April 2021. You can join the Data Management, Data Entities, OData and Integrations Yammer group for more info. Remember you need to join the Insider Program for Dynamics 365 first to be able to access the Yammer group.

If you want to learn more about OData and throttling you can check these resources:

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