Yesterday I released a new version of ISV License Generator with full support for the SHA-256 hash function after fixing an issue with it.

What’s new in ISV License Generator?

In this new version the support to generate Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations licenses using the SHA-1 hash has been removed, and it will use SHA-256 by default as the AXUtil tool does.

ISV License Generator v0.6
ISV License Generator

Remember this is an open-source tool released under the MIT License which uses a custom version of the AXUtil library to be able to use it from a Windows application.

If you want to learn more about this tool, you can read:

Why is this important?

Due to the Ballot CSC-13 of the CA/B Forum, code signing certificates will stop being shipped as software certificates, and all certificates will have to be store in a hardware crypto device which is FIPS compliant.

In the past we could use software certificates and the AXUtil tool to generate licenses, but if we had our code signing certificates in a cryptographic USB, we could not use it. And that’s why I created this tool.

So if you’re currently signing licenses for your ISVs with a software certificate, you can still use the AXUtil tool. But when it expires, and you have to renew it, you’ll get it in a cryptographic hardware device, and then you can use ISV License Generator to create your licenses!!

Thanks to Juan Antonio Tomás for making me notice about this change in signing certificates!

You can download the latest version of ISVLicenseGenerator v0.6 on GitHub.


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