Visual studio


Some time ago I had to create an interface between MSDyn365FO and a web service that returned data as XML. I decided to use X++’s XML classes (XmlDocument,  XmlNodeList, XmlElement, etc…) to parse the XML and get the data. These classes are terrible. You get the job done but in an ugly way. There’s a better method to quickly parse XML or JSON in MSDyn365FO.

WARNING! THIS POST IS LONG OUTDATED AND VISUAL STUDIO 2019 IS THE DEFAULT IDE SINCE DYNAMICS 365 FINANCE AND OPERATIONS VERSION 10.0.21 AND THE VHD SINCE OCTOBER 2021 RELEASE. Tired of developing in Visual Studio 2015? You feel you’ve been left and forgotten in the past? Worry no more, you can use Visual Studio 2017/2019 to develop Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations! What are the advantages? Absolutely none at all! Visual Studio will…