Feature management has been around in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for some time now. Before that features were enabled through flighting running a SQL query on dev and UAT boxes (and the DSE team would do it on production).

Now we have a nice workspace showing all the available features and flighting is still around too. The main difference between flighting and features is that flighting is enabled to a selected group of customers, like a preview of a feature.

In each new PU there’s new functionalities added to MsDyn365FO, and in PU30, released recently under the PEAP (Preview Early Access Program), we got new enhancements to the Feature management, this time adding a new property to Menu items and Menus called “Feature class“:

Feature management: create a custom feature 1

This is not enabled yet, and if you try adding a class to a menu item you’ll get a warning and no functionality.

If you read the docs you’ll see that creating new features is not enabled yet, but if you search in the metadata for feature classes…

Creating a custom feature

We’ll take the TaxSetupValidationFeature class as an example. This class implements the interface IFeatureMetadata, and all feature classes use a Singleton pattern to get the feature instance! (It’s exciting because is the first time I see it being used in MSDyn365FO).

The methods to be implemented include the feature’s name and description, the model and some setup. Just copy all the methods and the member of the class and paste it into one you create.

Now build your solution and go to the feature management workspace, click the check for updates button and your feature should appear in the list:

Feature management: create a custom feature 2

Let’s use the feature (in quite a stupid way). Create an extension of a form and on its init method check if the feature is enabled, if it is display a message:

Before enabling the feature go to the form to check there’s no message is being displayed:

Feature management: create a custom feature 3

No message there, OK.

Go back to feature management and enable your feature.

Feature management: create a custom feature 4

Go back to the form (CustTable in my example) and…

Feature management: create a custom feature 5

There’s the message!

Custom features are working as of PU30, at least on dev boxes, and maybe Tier 2+ sandbox environments too. Don’t try it on a production environment until it’s officially released (but that’s not possible as it’s a PEAP release).

This is just a small test of the classes that are available now, we’ll see new features in PU31 when the Feature Class property will work and, as I read on Twitter:


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