Need to get the price of an item that has a sales or purchase agreement? The PriceDisc class is here to save us!

PriceDisc: getting prices the right way 1
Trying to catch the best price using the PriceDisc framework

This is one of those reference posts that I’m writing for the Adrià of the future, because it’s something I forget about a lot.

PriceDisc magic!

There’s an obsolete method, I think it was findItemPriceAgreement, to get the price, but it’s obsolete, as I’ve just said. So the easiest way to get a price is to use the PriceDisc class that replaces the obsolete method.

To use it, just instantiate a PriceDiscParameters object and call all the parm methods you need. Finally, create a PriceDisc object using the newFromPriceDiscParameters method and passing the PriceDiscParameters, and… well take a look at the code below:

public static Amount getPrice(AccountNum _accountNum, 
                                CurrencyCode _currencyCode,
                                InventDim _inventDim,
                                ItemId _itemId,
                                ModuleInventPurchSales _module,
                                TransDate _date,
                                Qty _qty,
                                UnitId _unitId,
                                PriceGroupId _priceGroupId)
    PriceDiscParameters priceDiscParameters = PriceDiscParameters::construct();            


    PriceDisc priceDisc = PriceDisc::newFromPriceDiscParameters(priceDiscParameters);

    return priceDisc.price();

And that’s all. I know it’s a stupid post, but so am I and forget this kind of things.


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