I’m sorry for my English-speaking readers because, maybe, this post will be a bit useless for you as all the content I’ll talk about is in Spanish. But it’s always good to know!

In the last few days I’ve taken part in a community event, the 365 Saturday online, and I’ve also started a podcast. I want to talk a bit about this.

Dynamics Power Spain Online 2020

This has been my fourth participation as a speaker in the last three years and as usual I’ve presented a session with Juanan. This time we’ve talked about using Azure DevOps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

It’s a topic I write about a lot, but we really think there’s still many people using it in a wrong way or just using the source control part. And that’s bad!

You can watch our session below, and as I said before, it’s only in Spanish and I think there’s no subtitles from Youtube.

Xpp.dev, the podcast!

Yes! Juan Antonio Tomás and myself have started a podcast in 2020! Why? Each time there’s a new feature for MSDyn365FO, an announcement, a preview, whatever we spend some time talking about it and what could we do with it. So we thought “Why don’t we record this?”. And now we have a podcast which you can listen, even though it’s also in Spanish…

You can listen the first episode here!

Visit us at https://xpp.dev!

There’s another reason to do this: the Finance and Operations technical community in Spain. It makes me terribly jealous to see the strength of Dynamics 365 CD/Power Platform, .NET, Azure and other technical communities. We don’t have this for AX and that’s what we want!

We would like to have a bigger technical community! This is how we’ll try to encourage other people, sharing what’s coming for FnO. We of course accept collaborations, and if anybody wants to be interviewed or participate we’re totally open!


The idea of community we have is something really simple: a free and collaborative place where anybody can learn and share and connect. It’s very easy, right?

There might even be people that doesn’t fully understand why do we share what we know freely, instead of keeping everything to us, because that decreases our personal value, we’re sharing our secrets. And this way of thinking is so, so, so much wrong! I might share what I know, but I also have over 10 years’ experience behind me, the mix of these two things is what my value is.

I can only see positive things in sharing.


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