I’m once again back with a new version of the ISVLicenseGenerator tool, the piece of software I created with a modified version of the standard AXUtil.dll library that lets us sign license files using a cryptographic USB token.

In the new version (v0.7) I’ve added the possibility of signing the license file using a certificate stored on an Azure Key Vault.

And this time I come with a request from anyone reading this post. If you have an HSM-protected key for your code-signing certificate, and are storing it in a Key Vault, I’d love you to try this new version out!

Why am I asking this? Well, I swear there are no hidden intentions here! The main reason is that I don’t have access to HSM keys, and I can’t test the new functionality with one of those. So if your certificate provider has a cloud HSM, and provides some sort of Azure Key Vault integration to store the keys in it, and you want to try it… I’ll be very happy to try to fix things if they don’t work!